Album Reviews

Locust Abortion Technician

290401330This CD will warp and twist your mind like no other music. It has for me. First there’s the cover art…two happy clowns playing with a cute dog. Nothing could possibly be more misleading. Then turn to the reverse side and you’ll see a photograph of a baby that looks like he has Down’s syndrome. And we’re off to Locust Abortion Technician!!!

Wait for the slow beginning with a conversation about regret and then listen to it melt into easily one of the most bizarre, nightmarish, acid-drenched albums ever to creep up from the gutter. Locust Abortion Technician will force you redefine the meaning of “weird.” This is the Butthole Surfer’s best and most avant-garde album, filled with tape loops, slowed/sped-up/reversed vocals and special effects, sludgy distortion and chaotic song structure. It is a crazy, schizophrenic mess that will get inside your head. I love it like coca-cola!

The Butthole Surfers prove to be masters of the studio, as they create some  “music” that you would think spilled out of an insane asylum from a freaky netherworld. This is THE album to play if you want to freak out or disturb all people within listening range.