An Awesome Psychedelic Playlist


What is psychedelic music? There are several musicians who have a fantastic talent of creating an experience of altered states. Acid trip experiences exploded in the 1960’s. This drug causes hallucinations, magnifies all of the senses, uncontrollable laughter can occur, alters the mind and triggers music to sound so much different.

Artists found a way to recreate a psychedelic experience through a new style of music. Rock and roll would be mixed with crazy speaker effects, middle eastern sounds, guitar noises, and it uses groundbreaking recording styles and effects. These bands draw on sources evoking colors, hues, beauty and the melody of Indian music. Sights and sounds are combined together to create something special.

Just to be clear, you do not have to take drugs to appreciate this kind of music. In fact, the music sounds pretty damn amazing already. The groups listed below did the mind-blowing work for you (the listener).  Let us take an amazing journey together shall we???

I have listed my favorite 20 songs (in no particular order) that represent the “Psychedelic” category of music. Take your time with these songs. They are from a special time and place. The psychedelic era was a mid to late 60’s creation that spilled into the 70’s a little. Nowadays, you can still hear the influences in other musicians but these songs are truly the grandfathers of pure genius. In many ways they appeal to children because they are whimsical, happy and care-free. Much like kids are. So embrace your youth and enjoy!

1. Pink Floyd…….Astronomy Domine
2. The Rolling Stones……2000 Light Years From Home
3. The Chamber Brothers……Time Has Come Today
4. The Byrds…..Eight Miles High
5. Amboy Dukes…..Journey To The Center of the Mind
6. Count Five…..Psychotic Reaction
7. The Balloon Farm…..A Question of Temperature
8. Sagittarius…..My World Fell Down
9. Kenny Rogers & The First Edition…..I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
10. Jimi Hendrix……Purple Haze
11. Bubble Puppy……Hot Smoke and Sassafras
12. Tommy James & The Shondells….Crimson and Clover
13. Small Faces…..Itchycoo Park
14. The Beatles…..Strawberry Fields Forever
15. The Beatles……Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
16. Iron Butterfly…..In-A-Godda-Da-Vida
17. Status Quo….Pictures of Matchstick Men
18. Jefferson Airplane…..White Rabbit
19. Electric Prunes……I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
20. Strawberry Alarm Clock……Incense and Peppermints