THE WHO at Chicago’s Allstate Arena


“Who are you?”
The reader, I would imagine….

So who are The Who? Well let me tell you……..they’re a classic rock band from Great Britain and are one of the major contributors of the notorious and revolutionary “British Invasion” of the 1960’s.

Insane drum solos
Near impossible bass riffs
Smashing guitars and breaking amplifiers
Fierce aggression
A strong rhythm and blues influence
with operatic, stuttering and screaming vocals
All of these elements make up this band.




…performed the album “Quadrophenia” to its full majesty! What’s this album about?

Pete Townshend basically said: “The whole conception of Quadrophenia was geared to quadraphonic, but in a creative sort of way. I mean I wanted themes to sort of emerge from corners. So you start to get the sense of the fourness being literally speaker for speaker.”

It’s a rock opera concept album that is different from Tommy. It’s about a guy named Jimmy who has multiple personalities, rides a motorcycle and goes through emotional torture. It’s actually quite an accomplished double LP.

“Hope I die before I get old?” Really Roger?

Escaping old age is not an option for these guys on stage. Let’s be honest here, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey are old. But their energy was so alive with a powerful swagger. The roots of this band goes back nearly fifty years. However, this “old” group and their “old” songs are quite timeless, in my opinion. Their rock music commanded the attention from everyone inside the Arena. Geezers, like Pete and Roger, can inject lots of life into material frozen in carbonite like Han Solo deep into the minds and hearts of millions of folks around the world in the year 2012.


Practically throughout the entire evening, the crowd was on its feet applauding enthusiastically. This “reigning” achievement of Pete Townshend’s masterpiece albums was blasting through large speakers by way of his arm windmilling guitar maneuvers.

Tragically, drummer Keith Moon and amazing bassist John Entwistle had met their demise way too early in life. However, Daltrey (at 68 years old) still could belt his heart out while doing the splits and swinging around his microphone while Townshend (67) ferociously kept thrashing away at his strat through plenty of spectacular numbers. The horns, drums and keyboards, provided by a really tight supporting group of musicians, were pretty loud and exciting!

Teenage Wasteland (Baba O’Riley), Pinball Wizard, Won’t Get Fooled Again, Who Are You, Love Reign Over Me and Behind Blue Eyes were among several highlights that were wonderfully executed at the Allstate Arena last Friday night!

The night concluded with a touching acoustic number with only Roger and Pete onstage performing the song “Tea and Theater.” It was from their last album and it deals with memories and changes. Since they’re ending every show on this Quadrophenia tour with this nice little number kinda makes it feel like it is a farewell tour.



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