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Fuzzy wuzzy wuz a cool name to call this band!!!

Number Fifteen on my favorite albums of 2013 belongs to a band called FUZZ. It’s a self titled album. Its a surprise because I originally didn’t have it on my list until this morning. But I felt like melting my brain and giving my ears a ride with crunchy, grungy, sloppy, messy, feedback induced trio of drums and guitars. I hear a bunch of jazzy influences too. John Coltrane’s improve can be heard in these amplified instruments. Oh what a lovely treat these guys give to me. Ty Segall is in this band as lead singer and drummer. A sloppy assault to give me chills. But I am really hooked on the power, the drive and the soul of those Black Sabbath sounding riffs! Ty’s vocals certainly channel some of that Ozzy vibe too. Also, if you like the Stooges mixed with a slow stoner rock jam sound in outer space, then you’ll LOVE this. Three dudes just jamming away. I even hear the garage band elements of “The Who” in this delicious assault of guitar tidal waves and some Gar Samuelson, formerly of Megadeth, sounding drums that are tight one minute and super loose the next. It’s just so awesome. I cant get enough of this man! Fuzz buster plugged in guitars certainly play a role in the wonderful noise of harmonies and melodies that the Stooges couldn’t really provide. Its good to know that in this day and age we have this stoner rock revival going on! Here…..give it a listen dude! Party on! EXPLODE!!!!

Charlie Moonheart
Ty Segall
Roland Cosio

By christophernoe

Writer, Poet and Music geek

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