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My Bloody Valentine…..Number 8


My Bloody Valentine was an interesting band from the early 1990’s. Dreamy, hypnotic, cloudy, hazy, blurry, distorted. Those are just a few adjectives that describe their sound. Multiple guitars play simultaneously and with, not quite feminine or masculine, soaring vocals drifting in between the mellow, droning and engaging rhythms. That’s what they sounded like then and that’s how they sound now on their first record in 20 years. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia that forces me to put this on the list. Or it could be just really awesome music!!!

So this was a surprise release suddenly. Its alternative music, for sure, but it’s unique kinds of sounds, much like twenty years ago. Clearly they just took a looooong break from doing anything back in Dublin, Ireland (their homeland). I am just glad it came out. More melodies for me to zone out to. The title of the record is simply, mbv ( and all the tracks are in lowercase). I believe they are not trying to make an extraordinary comeback. They just felt like jamming again. Hear this: