TIME for a new playlist. Brought to you by me. It is now the month of March. What songs do I wanna hear? Old man winter slowly fades but still dukes it out with Spring even when the 2Oth gets closer (first day of Spring). Daylight Savings just happened. We set our clocks forward and lose sleep but gain more light. Saint Patricks Day is a highlight because we are all Irish this time of year; drinking beer, going to parades and wearing green. Our Oldest niece, Amanda, celebrates her birthday St Patty’s weekend!! But the music of those folky bands has a nice touch as well. Speaking of music; my playlist deals with time, St Patty’s, the Spring season and the days getting nicer to be outside. (just ignore Storm Vulcan) I hope you dig the music! Cuz I do…..

1 Time by Pink Floyd
2 Time Has Come Today by The Chambers Bros.
3 Fields of Gold by Celtic Woman
4 Perfect Day by Lou Reed
5 Spring (Vivaldi)
6 Time of the Season by The Zombies
7 The Unicorn by Irish Rovers
8 Time to Move On by Tom Petty
9 The Times They are a Changing by Bob Dylan
10 Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles
11 Spring Vacation by The Beach Boys
12 Some Other Spring by Billie Holiday
13 Whiskey in the Jar by The Dubliners
14 Echoes of Spring by Willie The Lion Smith
15 Groovin by The Rascals
16 Mountain Dew (traditional Irish drinking song)

That’s all folks!

Hee Haw

By christophernoe

Writer, Poet and Music geek

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