Surrealistic Lyrics For The Unwritten Song


uncontrollable urge
to de-evolve
ten years after
i wanted to change
the world
throwing cream
in a white room

keeping it healthy
with warpaint
on the west coast
it’s too true
under these hands
this screen shot
of swans
i just don’t understand
the spoons

what color is the blood
of a sunbathing animal?
a soft morning phase
don’t let it go
beneath a hundred waters
down from the rafters
time for a last call
during the midnight sun
cuz it ain’t all flowers
who’s producing you?

the circle is wide
making my head sing
pure stuff
love my body to death
lost in a reverse dream
guilty of everything i love
in a transparent world

all is clear
in my forest
throw my clothes
on the floor
and scream

so……who gets the references????

Album Reviews

Lana Del Rey


Her music has an incredibly cinematic sound and refers a lot to pop culture. Primarily of the 1950s and 1960s. Total Americana. Lana has described herself as a “self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra”. Musically, she was influenced by what she believes to be the masters of major genres. These include but are not limited to Elvis Presley, Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin and Nirvana. But also much poetry and film noir.

Her real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. She was born on June 21, 1985. A New York girl. But I love her stage name Lana Del Rey. Very cool sounding. Simply put, she is an American singer-songwriter. But she loves the world of crime, love, romance, drugs and loneliness.

Currently her number one selling record, ULTRAVIOLENCE, is probably my favorite one of this year. In fact I know it is. It was love at first “sound.” Now I must admit It took me awhile to climb aboard the Lana Del Ray express, but I am glad that I caught a ride only about a week ago. What a fascinating artist! She is so deep and mesmerizing! Could this be my favorite artist of 2014? Hmmmm….better than Katy Perry? Better than St Vincent? Who knows……

So…..fascinating….angelic voice….dreamy….grainy…..addictive (for me)
It’s slow and feels good with the windows rolled down in a pink Cadillac ( if I owned one).

The title ULTRAVIOLENCE was clearly borrowed from Stanley Kubrick’s dark film, A Clockwork Orange. That happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time! Futuristic, creepy, weird, cool and deep!

Her trip-hop, noir and almost operatic vocals sound sends me off into psychedelic dreams of shivers lying by the ocean and recalling all of the highlights of my life. The carefree days of childhood but also the smoke filled world of sex drugs and rock n roll. I mean she’s not “kid friendly.”

She also pays much tribute to David Lynch (master of bizarre art films) and could even provide theme songs to James Bond flicks, if she wanted to. Although, I do know one of her songs were featured in a recent adaptation of the Great Gatsby . In addition, she was asked to do a sultry waltz remake of the classic song, “Once Upon A Dream,” in the film Malificent.

Take the sex appeal of Marilyn Monroe and mix it with the songwriting skills of Leonard Cohen. That is the feeling I get from Miss Lana. I won’t lie either. She is a stunning and gorgeous young lady at 29.

Of course I have heard negative feedback for Ultraviolence. This makes me confused but I guess it all boils down to individual taste. I love this album – it’s a refreshingly “old” style. Listening to her music and voice makes me feel like I’m somewhere in that darkly-romantic time, whenever that was. Taking a stroll along a boardwalk of California’s beaches and looking over my shoulders. Love mixed with danger.

I think of Mulholland Drive (the film and the actual place) when I listen to this record. It’s creepy world and it’s sexy world and it’s dreamy world. In her videos she smokes and makes it look cool….just like the old-fashioned days.

So I have decided that as of now….August 17th 2014… favorite album of the year is Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence!!! OMG what a masterpiece!!

Here’s a video of my favorite song ( West Coast):

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Katy Restored My Innocence


Enormous stadium

Thousands of flashlights
Emitting from smartphones
Gigantic colorful balloons
Glitter everywhere

Clapping hands
Dancing in place by our seats
Jumping up and down
Like giddy children

Wild outfits
Little girls with wings
Pizza and Abe Lincoln?
What’s Gluten?

Shiny guitar strumming

Glamorous costume changes
Everything is a prism
Camera phones
Coca cola
Love of her crowd

Told us how she went
For a bike ride around
“Our city of Chicago”

Selfies with Katy and the crowd
Birthday party with a member of the audience

Egyptian feel
Kitty cats
Glow in the dark
3D glasses
Moms & Daughters
Doing the WAVE
Chanting “Katy! Katy! Katy!”
10 year old girls’
energy all over

“But What’s Gluten?”

Brightly connected
A thrill ride
Awesome sauce

Got home at 1:00 a.m.
And was