Off Topic

Where Have I Been?


Not at rock concerts, for one thing.

I haven’t been making playlists either.

No worries….I have certainly been playing a lot of music (yesterday and today’s hits)

Been riding my bike more and recently moved about 30 miles away from where we used to live.

Lots of stress went into the move

Much blood, sweat and tears

There was good, bad and ugly

(yes I am using cliches here)

But since the month of May I have been filling my brain with a lot of musical stuff

Listening to podcasts, checking out other people’s musical interests and watching festivals through streaming methods like Apple TV, Youtube and other streaming networks.

I was going to attend Pitchfork Music Festival last month but we moved that exact weekend so I had to give my tickets away to someone else who was fortunate enough to go.

But I did get to watch a decent amount of live performance from that very show which included Chvrches, Wilco and Sleater-Kinney. It was fun to still get to watch it at our new home on the couch only hours after unloading a full 26 foot moving truck on a hot, rainy and humid summer afternoon.

Then a few weeks later we got to stream some of the Lollapalooza shows as well. Metallica, Paul McCartney, Alabama Shakes and TV on the Radio were some highlights.


Oh and did I fail to mention that I watched the last live Grateful Dead Show from Soldier Field on July 5th at our old place in our living room? A room surrounded by moving boxes with a flashing disco ball propped in the corner. With some brewskies, scooby snacks and a couple of friends (including my wife who was a real trooper) It was the “couch tour” kind of summer.


But at least I didnt have to drive anywhere and deal with the construction and traffic jams. The beer was cheap and I can just fall asleep at home.

So anyway, I just wanted to say….hey

Don’t worry. I’ll be back with some killer posts soon. Just gotta take care of some business.

Peace out