40 Years of Noe

King of Pop #Thriller #1982 #MichaelJackson

In 1982; videos, music and dance changed the industry and brought back Motown! Whether you admit it it or not. Love him or hate him. Gotta give credit where credit is due! Michael Jackson’s Thriller was a groundbreaking album that defined my youth in the early 80’s…..



I tried really hard to determine which album released in 1982, belonged on my list. Prince, Duran Duran, Iron Maiden, Dire Straits and Roxy Music all released albums that year. But they truly paled in comparison to this one.

Songs like “Beat It”, “Billie Jean” and “Thriller” rocked the airwaves!

It won 8 Grammy Awards including Best Album. It is also one of the best selling albums of all time.

His dance moves, charisma, pop style and catchy beats with massive production by Quincy Jones made this album an Epic Masterpiece!

As a 6 year old boy, I remembered my mom buying the vinyl record and singing along to Billie Jean in the kitchen. As kids we tried to immitate his infamous dance move….”The Moonwalk!”

He was the man! That epic short film/music video THRILLER is one of the greatest moments in music video history: