40 Years of Noe

Smashing Pumpkins presents #Gish from #1991


I listened to this album more than any other when I was in high school. Even more than Nirvana or Pearl Jam. Seriously!

When I was in cross country during my sophomore year in high school, we were heading to practice in this guy’s sport car and he was playing this tape that really captured my sense of sound. I was memorized by the intense wailing guitars. The ferocious pounding of the drums and the way the snares and bass were in perfect unison. Then there’s this soothing voice that clashes but actually blends quite well with the rhythm. I asked the guy driving who was playing. He told me the name and I was like….Smashing Pumpkins? Now that’s an interesting name for a band.


One afternoon,I was in my bedroom watching MTV laying on my stomach with feet up in the air with the sun light streaming through my bedroom window and suddenly a video comes on by Smashing Pumpkins. The song was entitled “Siva” and I was hooked. I felt alive!

I bought that album “Gish” at a Sam Goody and was in pure heaven. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Billy Corgan is a great song writer. For a man in his early twenties to compose songs of such complexity, yet undeniable relevance, is a truly awe-inspiring accomplishment. Such originality and creativity from Corgan allows us to suspend reality for the best part of an hour. Simply put, Gish bring the listener to another dimension where nothing matters except the wonderful emotions this album evokes.

James Iha is an awesome guitar player complete with strange sound effects. The whole band is great. The hard rock slant on I Am One sits beautifully with the majestic nature of the song Crush-all of this driven by wonder-drummer Chamberlain means that Gish frequently took up residence in my CD player and disc man…..and it often refused to leave.

So, if you haven’t got this record, well then you’re at a loss.

The only definite thing that can be said about Gish is that it is a forgotten classic. Don’t believe me. Listen the the track…Tristessa! This is pure adrenaline that just hooked me like getting stuck in a tar pit trap of ecstasy. I refuse to say any more about it. Check it out!