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This is my favorite album released in the year 2000

Welcome to the next Millennium!

Is it possible to fall in love with “Kid A”?  Maybe. It’s a love it or hate it album. But I can unconditionally recommend giving it at least one try, especially if you’re a fan of “OK Computer” or “Bends”.

Why? Because “Kid A” is Radiohead’s true masterpiece, that’s right, even more so than “OK Computer”. It takes the rule book and rips it apart in two, managing to be so many different things in so many ways that it’s almost indescribable. Thus, this “review” will really wind up being a short guide to listening to “Kid A”, to give the reader some concept of what experiencing the album feels like.

How do you listen to “Kid A”?   Since it’s not for everyone.

Expect the unexpected. As many shocked listeners discovered when “Kid A” was released, it is NOT like their first 3 albums at all!! ” It is a Radiohead album, make no mistake, but it sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before. In a good way. Do yourself a favor and leave any concept of what you might hear at the door. Form your own experience of what you hear, and allow yourself to be startled by it. It’s OK, the water’s fine. Dip your toes in for a bit.

Listen to the Entire Album. At least once. “Kid A” flows more than any previous Radiohead work – it’s supposed to be experienced as a single, cohesive whole, the only possible break being “Treefingers”, which acts as an intermission of sorts. It’s not a terribly long album – you can do it, set aside 49 minutes and do the album justice.

Finally, Give it Time….to percolate.  “Kid A” is an album that absolutely refuses to give everything up on first listen. Nothing will be obvious immediately. You’ll need to engage it actively if you want to enjoy it completely. Does music always have to be work? No, but in this case it’s well worth the trouble.

If you still don’t like, well then that’s OK too. 🙂