40 Years of Noe

2013 Favorite Album

“The Bones of What You Believe” is such a fantastic album. I love this record so much! It’s crazy awesome 80’s synthpop! What a fine tribute to the MTV new wave generation. Remember groups like Depeche Mode and Human League? You can hear the influence all over the record. So, they are two guys and a girl from Scotland. Each of them have enormous talent and musicianship. Synthesizers, samplers, guitars and gorgeous vocals coming from an awesome girl named Lauren. Did you know she has a Law Degree and was a Journalism major? Her voice is rather pretty and makes you wanna dance or go for a long drive and absorb this grand life. It’s organic because it flows through you like “tickle fits!”

Chvrches is pronounced like Churches, by the way.

The two dudes, Ian and Martin, are quite focused on their musical instruments and occasionally provide some cool masculine vocals as well. Every song gives me chills. What an addictive sound! It draws you in. It’s got this gigantic POP ENERGY that rushes through you like sugar on a sunny day. imageYou’re gonna want to drink a gallon of this ocean wave of pure poppy, bubble gum and highly accessible delightful hurricane buzz juice.


40 Years of Noe

2010-2012 were very good years!



In 2010, I started listening to more podcasts. NPR’s All Songs Considered was my favorite. In the Spring that year they played a song called “Everlasting Light” by The Black Keys. It was so catchy that we had that song playing at our Wedding later that year. The whole album, “Brothers” is pretty amazing. Just like 2010 was amazing! Wedding bells, college courses and brain surgery took place that year but The Black Keys got me through it all.


In 2011, I went through a depression period. I had a relapse from my surgery and had a grand mal seizure, suffered post par-tam depression after the wedding and dropped out of college. We moved to a new apartment as well. But PJ Harvey’s record, “Let England Shake” was my cd of choice. I played it all the time. It was such an addictive sound. I wish she appeared more on my list of favorite albums. But this one definitely was worthy of the list.


In 2012, I began a new journey of my life. I started running again. My favorite record of the year 2012 was by a band called Japandroids. I don’t care what anyone says about this but it friggin rules! 2 guys only. A drummer and a guitarist. They just kill it! Drinking anthems mixed with the Husker Du type of melodies and patterns. The album begins and ends with the sound of fireworks. I listened to them when I would go for a jog in the morning, while training for 5k’s and triathlons. It makes me feel alive. It’s a garage band that sounds BIG and proof that 2 twenty something guys from Canada can perform shock therapy on your mood!


That’s all for now!!!

40 Years of Noe

Let’s try 3 albums today

In 2007, Radiohead released the album “In Rainbows.” It was a surprise release on the internet where you could pay any amount for. It was listener’s choice. I think I paid five bucks. I listened to it quite often. In the car, mowing the lawn and grocery shopping. It was also my first year with an MP3 player. These guys never seize to amaze me!

In 2008, my friend Heidi let me borrow a record by a band called Vampire Weekend. It was a self-titled album. This music has such a catchy, jammy, tribal and party sound to it. I was surprised how amazing this one was. I still play it a lot. Good stuff.

The Flaming Lips released an album entitled “Embryonic” in 2009. A friend once said of this release: “Finally they’re WEIRD again!” It’s complex, silly and definitely has Syd Barrett moments of atmospheric sounds. Not to mention, Karen O (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs) is heard making animal sounds. A must own!

That’s all for now. See you later!

40 Years of Noe

2005 and 2006 Album Choices

In 2005, Beck released an album entitled “Guero.” Beck switches up his sound all the time, but this is probably one of my favorite of his artistic personalities. There’s a distinct electronic element throughout the album, but it’s peppered with touches of rock, folk, and dare I say hip-hop! E-Pro is a monster, and Hell Yes gets stuck in my head every time I listen to it


In 2006, Tool released their last album “10,000 days.”This is less mathematic than Lateralus (I love math rock), but this album is a true piece of art, especially “Right In Two.” Also I found Rosetta Stoned one of the most difficult songs Tool ever released. There is a bit of Folk on 10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2). Vicarious is also a key track. 🙂
PS: loved the stereoscopic glasses and the 3D artwork.



40 Years of Noe

Brian Wilson can smile #2004 #music #album

Back in the late 60s Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was in friendly competition with the Beatles and at one point he tried to release an album entitled “Smile” but there were complications with the other bandmembers and the record companies. Also he was having a nervous breakdown and it was related to massive drug use. So the album was shelved and essentially never really saw the light of day. It was supposed to surpass the genius music of “Pet Sounds.” It was referred to it as a “teenage symphony to God.” 
Then suddenly after 35 years or so it was dug back out and Brian re-recorded the whole album as he intended with new musicians helping him out. The music is daring and is constantly changing shifts essentially every 30 seconds yet it is quite complex in composition. Smile is the most infamous recording in music history because it was never officially released when it was supposed to be. Then in 2004, it finally got released, albeit re-recorded but it’s probably the most accurate composition and as good as it’s going to get. 
The whole thing is whimsical and pays tribute to Americana themes such as heroes and villains. Eating your vegetables and brushing your teeth and with talks about the infamous Chicago fire and even throws in the pocket symphony known as “good vibrations” so it’s all over the place yet it really is a masterpiece.