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Brian Wilson can smile #2004 #music #album

Back in the late 60s Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was in friendly competition with the Beatles and at one point he tried to release an album entitled “Smile” but there were complications with the other bandmembers and the record companies. Also he was having a nervous breakdown and it was related to massive drug use. So the album was shelved and essentially never really saw the light of day. It was supposed to surpass the genius music of “Pet Sounds.” It was referred to it as a “teenage symphony to God.” 
Then suddenly after 35 years or so it was dug back out and Brian re-recorded the whole album as he intended with new musicians helping him out. The music is daring and is constantly changing shifts essentially every 30 seconds yet it is quite complex in composition. Smile is the most infamous recording in music history because it was never officially released when it was supposed to be. Then in 2004, it finally got released, albeit re-recorded but it’s probably the most accurate composition and as good as it’s going to get. 
The whole thing is whimsical and pays tribute to Americana themes such as heroes and villains. Eating your vegetables and brushing your teeth and with talks about the infamous Chicago fire and even throws in the pocket symphony known as “good vibrations” so it’s all over the place yet it really is a masterpiece.