40 Years of Noe

Depeche Mode #1990 #music #favorite


When I was a freshman in High School, I went to a Halloween “sock hop.” There was a limbo contest. I won! I got to go up on stage by the dj and choose a prize from the box. Based on pure looks at the time, I chose a cassette tape by the band Depeche Mode. The cassette was entitled “Violator.”

Who knew this would turn out to be one of my favorite recordings of all time. I played the taped all the time after I took this prized possession home. Days turned into weeks which turned into months and beyond. I feel that at age 14, I found my first musical obsession.

What makes this record so great?

“World In My Eyes” kicks off the album. The opening lyrics “Let me take you on a trip, around the world and back, and you won’t have to move, you just sit still”, you know that you are in for one serious trip here. This song is without question one of the best songs on this album, and also one of my favorite Depeche Mode songs as well. I just love it.

Violator is an amazing piece of euro-alt-dance-pop that has a huge dance floor appeal while at the same time makes one think and feel. This is a crowning achievement for Depeche Mode’s brilliant lyrical and orchestral composition talents. Accessible to all with brilliant pieces of poetry, addictive dance beats and techno hooks, and beautifully crafted videos. Like this one: