Surrealistic Lyrics For The Unwritten Song


uncontrollable urge
to de-evolve
ten years after
i wanted to change
the world
throwing cream
in a white room

keeping it healthy
with warpaint
on the west coast
it’s too true
under these hands
this screen shot
of swans
i just don’t understand
the spoons

what color is the blood
of a sunbathing animal?
a soft morning phase
don’t let it go
beneath a hundred waters
down from the rafters
time for a last call
during the midnight sun
cuz it ain’t all flowers
who’s producing you?

the circle is wide
making my head sing
pure stuff
love my body to death
lost in a reverse dream
guilty of everything i love
in a transparent world

all is clear
in my forest
throw my clothes
on the floor
and scream

so……who gets the references????


“an in-between time” (poem)


where is the singer?
an empty microphone on the stage
cords scattered like snakes in a sewer
amplifiers without any sound
resting on a chair

i contemplate the moment

devoted interest in what is beginning
or what has ended
is someone taking the stage?
nothing is happening over there
sound equipment just lying around

is this an in-between moment?


the calm before the storm
or leftovers from a party?
is this a dream?

i’m staring at an empty stage
am i waiting for a show to begin?
or still lingering from the night before
hundreds of chairs forming aisles
am i supposed to put them away?
or did i set them up
and now i am just resting
or am i even supposed to be here?

cannot remember
trapped somewhere in time
in a dream perhaps

after all dreams take place
between yesterday and today
“in-between” time
the time it took for me to write this
captured the “in-between” moment
between the time i arrived
and me
getting ready
to stand up and just walk away

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Who is FAUST and why should I care?


According to the Dictionary, “Faust is the protagonist of a classic German Legend; a highly successful scholar but one dissatisfied with his life that therefore makes a pact with the devil, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures.”

I am referring to a German music group in this blog. Krautrock is the way to categorize this type of sound. The word translates to “rock and electronic music which influenced experimental music which also originated in that country during the late 60’s.”

That basically means if you are a fan of adventurous, gleefully demented noise, and you haven’t heard of Faust, then there is actually no reason for you to avoid this. It’s weird and brilliant. Their self titled first album is an excellent masterpiece but is an acquired taste.

Their music took a critical reflection on art of a kind of expressionism, surrealism, absurdism, perhaps even cabaret elements and somehow exploded this all into a medium of strange, fantastic, ugly, and even bizarre music.

Just three strange long songs titled:

1) Why Don’t You Eat Carrots?
2) Meadow Meal
3) Miss Fortune

Give it a spin…..if you can find it!

(I do not own the rights to the image below)



New Poem About Music



oh divine music
come and take my hand
walk me through your land
echo all your sound
to your greatness
i am bound
beautiful song sends me shivers
flowing through me
like a river
spellbound and lost in rhythm
fills me up
with great wisdom
i have not felt so free
in so many years
leaving this world behind
entering the depths of my mind
i know the truth because
i opened my ears

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Autumnal music is “October Rust”

160596326Back in 1995, while still in college, my friend and roommate Matt was playing a cd in the dorm room. It was gothic for sure. It had a unique and great quality to it. The album hypnotized me. The vocals and the emotions coming from the “Bloody Kisses” release from Type O Negative were quite simply….DEEP. Then in 1996, they released a true masterpiece of an album in so many ways…..October Rust. This is, in my opinion, quite an accomplishment in music. The most sublimely erotic music i have ever heard. Although, it is much more than that. I have taken long drives in my car down south to visit friends in college while listening to this one. In fact it lives up to its title because every Halloween season I play this one several times because it absolutely sets the stage for falling leaves, bonfires and the intense emotions that come with my favorite season. October is quite a month.
The album opens on a mystic stage with “love you to death,” and, though the tempo of each song changes up a bit, the album never steers you off track from the feeling you started with. At times, Peter Steele’s voice, words, emotion, and the bands sublime music brings a tear to my eyes. This album is best listened to in the dark, with lighted candles, a glass of red wine, and in bed with your lover. Every time I play this, I fall into a mesmerizing state of mind.