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FAVORITE ALBUMS OF 2013 (according to me)


Let the countdown begin. I have compiled a list of 20 records that were released this year. 2013 has been a terrific year for music that I like to listen to. That’s the key, by the way. Let me stress the point. What “I” tend to enjoy. So, for the next twenty days I will be revealing my daily picks, counting down from #20 to #1. Please fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride!

#20 on my list belongs to a band named ICEAGE. The name of their record is called YOU’RE NOTHING. Copenhagen, Denmark is where they come from. Punk Rock is their style of music. These guys are on Matador Records on their sophomore release. Abrasive and raw anger coming from a bunch of teenage rockers. High on energy and heavy on noise. A whirlwind of 2 minute hardcore songs. I have no idea what they’re saying half the time but it hits a nice raw nerve restlessly gasping for air within my being. What is Iceage’s appeal? There are some negative genre connotations associated with the whole punk, post-punk, hardcore, no wave, and so on. BUT I like them because ultimately it’s all about the raw, aggressive, and relentless energy of these four young men.

We need a release to emit our anger from stress. It’s all about escape. So this record made my list. Give it a listen!!!


I Remember November


I took a little break from blogging, due to the recent Halloween festivities. Then Lou Reed; the amazing musician, singer and songwriter; passed away. He was a great guitarist and storyteller from Brooklyn. I posted a couple of small blog entries on this man. His death reminded me about how precious life is. Now it’s November and it is time for my “playlist of the month.” The crumblings of summer are quite apparent, saying goodbye to what has been and what we must prepare for: Old Man Winter. He is coming. Although this entire month is still Autumn; here in the Midwest, we tend to get that winter chill somewhat early.

Lou Reed’s death inspired the theme for November. Of course we must remember our Saints, our soldiers and be thankful for our families and friends. We sit around and drink. Turkey raffles are won! Children learn about Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims and Indians. Of course, many football games are played and we eat chili and drink beer to celebrate all of this American nostalgia. Yet, it is still a melancholy time. Today we remember the dead, for it is All Souls Day. Or in Mexico, we call it Día de Muertos. So this playlist, which I have assembled, is a tribute to our changing weather, embracing what we have remaining of our Autumn season and finding comfort and understanding through loss.

Here is the list (and played in this order)

Remember November

1. Type O Negative = Everything Dies
2. Guns N Roses = November Rain
3. Tom Waits = November
4. Kansas = Dust In The Wind
5. Led Zeppelin = Ramble On
6. Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions = Blanchard
7. Smashing Pumpkins = Soothe
8. Pearl Jam = Indifference
9. The Beatles = A Day In The Life
10. NIN = A Warm Place
11. Neko Case = Don’t Forget Me
12. Hole = Dole Parts
13. Johnny Cash = Hurt
14. Lou Reed = Sad Song


peace out….C-Note