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Treasures From Record Store Day


About ten days ago I went to a local record store called Kiss The Sky at 5:30 in the morning to get a lottery ticket. My number was 63. What does that mean? (You might ask) Well when the doors officailly opened at 8:00 a.m. I had the right to be the 63rd person to be let into the store and buy records. Not just any records but rare limited editions of various vinyl pressings. 45’s, 7 inches, LP’s and special box sets.

I went and had breakfast after I got my number. Then I returned to the shrine of pressed wax that us enthusiasts enjoy spinning on our turntables. It was really crowded inside the store. But I struck up some conversations with other fanatics, like myself.

I walked away with a 45 of Frank Zappa’s “Yellow Snow,” a special Joy Division record containing their first 4 songs and a small box set of eight 45’s entitled “The Space Project.” This box set featured artists like Youth Lagoon and Beach House. It was a rare find and definitely was a limited pressing.

My questions for my readers out there……Did you go? What did you buy? Where did you go? How much fun did you have?

Long Live Vinyl!!!!


Why Bother With The Box Set? Discovery That Is…

415389138Well I don’t know where to begin with the babble on Pink Floyd. I absolutely love this band. Ever since I was a kid in the 80’s, I was exposed to them. My dad played the records and eventually got the Shine On Box Set in the early 90’s. Very cool box set! It didn’t have the entire collection of their albums but it captured the highlights. I was awakened from whatever slumber I was trapped inside when I listened to this box set and was reading the really cool book that was included. My dad and I had a bond where we’d listen to the music while working in the garage, painting in the family room or driving around in his truck. I was hooked. Then just before I went into college, the 2 of us went to Soldier Field in Chicago and saw Pink Floyd perform one of their last live concerts ever! It was quite an awesome experience.

So throughout the years I began to collect more of their music and read about them and what not. I have all of their stuff on cd or mp3 formats in one way or another. I know that four years ago a box set came out called “Oh By The Way.” Now the “Discovery” one just came out. I’m not saying that new fans or complete fanatics shouldn’t go buy these, but for me, personally, I don’t see the big deal. They probably turned the volume up “one louder.” So what? I have ears and a powerful stereo to enjoy the ones I already have. Also, I will take convenience over quality of “so called” painstaking box sets. Actually they are releasing all 14 albums individually right now in box form and sort of a 2 fold method. One is the Immersions where it is captured in these huge mini-box set releases. (Cash Cow….excuse for all of this stuff? hmmmm) Also then there are the “Experience” versions. THOSE I would consider because they, for one, are cheaper if purchased individually, on occasion. They are usually two discs. One is the original remaster plus live and bonus features. Those are worth it.

The box set “Discovery” is just the studio albums with virtually no new artwork and little cardboard sleeves to wonderfully ruin the discs.  Also no bonus features or a book or anything. Kinda cheesy if you ask me. So I am a traditionalist. I will still go to record shows and look for vinyl and collect artworks. I definitely love surround sound and what not. I just don’t see the big deal in these new box sets. That includes, Oh By The Way, Discovery and the individual Immersion ones. I will say that the “Experience” version of  the individual albums are the ones to look into. At least you can pick these up at your convenience. Besides, convenience is what benefits us all in different ways. I like buying physical cds but I also like to download music too.

Bands like Pink Floyd are kind of worth doing both. I think owning all of the albums is a good thing if done so carefully. Box Sets….hmmm? Shine On was the best one. Sure it came out in 92-93 I think but for what it was…the artwork, the books, the selections and the originality of it all made it the best “box set.” But in general….choose what you like is what I am saying. The new box set for me is just a way to make money and there is no big difference unless you are tripping on acid or something. lol. Anyway “Shine On” or choose “Any Colour You Like!”

Peace Out…C-Note