The Departure of Starman

The David Bowie exhibit ran from September of 2014 through early January of 2015 in Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. My wife and I reserved tickets to go this wonderful interactive display of his legacy. We enjoyed it very much. An amazing exhibit!

Mr Bowie recently celebrated his 69th birthday and released a new album. However, sad news came this morning. After battling cancer for a year and a half, he has left the world. Tears dripped down my cheeks. I began to reflect on all of the music and art he left behind.

It suddenly became clear to me that he authorized this traveling art exhibit as a walking memorial or even a wake for us to celebrate his legacy. He knew already. In his poetic way, he timed it all right. Perhaps based on the timeline his doctors gave him, he celebrated Christmas, New Years Eve, the release of his final album, his last birthday and even the link to the video below as his farewell to his fans.

I think he said goodbye to us all recently and for the last year and a half but we just were blinded by all of his hints. I wasn’t prepared for this but I am still sad. May he live forever in the afterlife as Ziggy Stardust and play with the Spiders From Mars….

David Bowie’s Final Video (talk about a foreshadow)


R.I.P. Mr Bowie