“an in-between time” (poem)


where is the singer?
an empty microphone on the stage
cords scattered like snakes in a sewer
amplifiers without any sound
resting on a chair

i contemplate the moment

devoted interest in what is beginning
or what has ended
is someone taking the stage?
nothing is happening over there
sound equipment just lying around

is this an in-between moment?


the calm before the storm
or leftovers from a party?
is this a dream?

i’m staring at an empty stage
am i waiting for a show to begin?
or still lingering from the night before
hundreds of chairs forming aisles
am i supposed to put them away?
or did i set them up
and now i am just resting
or am i even supposed to be here?

cannot remember
trapped somewhere in time
in a dream perhaps

after all dreams take place
between yesterday and today
“in-between” time
the time it took for me to write this
captured the “in-between” moment
between the time i arrived
and me
getting ready
to stand up and just walk away