Pie AND Vinyl #records #music #pie #cafe #vinyl

Kate’s Pie Shop Cafe & Records located in Rockford Illinois




It’s such a great combination of pleasant activities. Conversation. Coffee. Sandwiches. Soups. Shopping for records. But then most of all….PIE!! AWESOME Pie!! Strawberry Rhubarb and Chocolate Pumpkin Pie, for example!

Even though this record wasn’t for sale, it was pretty awesome looking!!! Long live David Bowie!!!


I recommend this place. Good service. Nice pie. Decent record collection.


Signing off….C-Note




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At a loss

I am overstimulated with music

Seems difficult for me to stay focused

I want to press the reset button

There’s too many choices


It’s funny how my attention drifts

all over the place


drinking coffee  from my kitchen


a band named Girlpool plays on the stereo

Cleo and Harmony are from Los Angeles

I like their voices playing in harmony

no drummer

bass and guitar

kinda folky and punky

it’s coffeehouse music

or really just a rainy day album

its called “Before The World Was Big”


a bird chirps next to me

just got text

i am eating eggs and toast with cheese and bacon

for now this is my moment with music