#Vinyl …a new series on #HBO


There’s a new series on HBO. It’s called VINYL and takes place in New York City.

The year is 1973 and it was an important time in music history.

Plenty of sex drugs and rock & roll and lots of cocaine!

The blues, birth of  hip-hop, punk rises and disco started to emerge as well.

American Century Records vs German Polygram

Led Zeppelin cheated out of a contract and there are money deals to be made.


Its about discovering new artists, making promises and telling lies to your clients within the music industry.

It’s  about NOT making friends with your clients. Just crack out those hits and make us money because its a business.

Fashion and graffiti sprays the streets of NYC while buildings collapse and people rushing through dirty areas to check out bands like the New York Dolls playing at small clubs.

Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger produce this series…and they do it well!!!


Wild parties, orgies, loaded on cocaine, loaded with guns, murder, cover ups and drinking your problems away because deals gone wrong.

It’s a greedy business with butterfly collars, bell bottoms, platform shoes, trendy sunglasses, a desk drawer full of various uppers, downers, screamers, laughers, joints.

The spirit of the hippie 60’s still exist during a new wave of punk, but in order to keep a record company from “tanking,” you need to make deals and sell, discover new talent, bring them in and get them to record with you to get noticed because otherwise you’re gonna bomband you don’t want to sell your soul for rock and roll……

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Daft Punk…Random Access Memories



What is EDM? It is Electronic Dance Music. This French duo were masters of this art form back in the 90’s. They were ahead of their time and definitely got people out on the dance floor, shaking it! These two guys were simply pioneers in this techno realm. But now in 2013, they started from scratch. Its like they got into a time machine and zipped back into the 1970’s and hung out on the Disco and Funky clubs and took some heavy duty notes and then zoomed into the future and left notes everywhere for the robots of the future. So now these robots decided to visit those 70’s moments on their own with their newly designed time machine and absorb even more of this music and then travel back to the future and this is the music that you hear on this album, their interpretation of the sounds.

Basically, what I am saying here is this is futuristic disco-funk. You following me? Lost yet? There’s a track with an awesome re-imagining of this German guru’s, Giorgio Moroder, vocals explaining the styles of the tunes you’re hearing with a clearer understanding of what is referred to as….the ‘click’ which is the sound produced by a metronome (a sort of morse code type of backbeat). He was the originator. It’s like a little history lesson. Like he was interviewed by these robots and sharing his memories (Randomly Accessed) !Anyway, this track sets a nice mood with a Kraftwerk, Autobahn type of groove. The main track, which you are about to hear, is called “Get Lucky.” It was the biggest single this year. I’m not usually all about the mainstream but its really addictive in a Kool And The Gang sort of way! Guilty pleaseure, I guess. I could keep babbling but I won’t. This is number 7 and this is….Get Lucky! Way to go French Robots!!!