Album Reviews

Autumnal music is “October Rust”

160596326Back in 1995, while still in college, my friend and roommate Matt was playing a cd in the dorm room. It was gothic for sure. It had a unique and great quality to it. The album hypnotized me. The vocals and the emotions coming from the “Bloody Kisses” release from Type O Negative were quite simply….DEEP. Then in 1996, they released a true masterpiece of an album in so many ways…..October Rust. This is, in my opinion, quite an accomplishment in music. The most sublimely erotic music i have ever heard. Although, it is much more than that. I have taken long drives in my car down south to visit friends in college while listening to this one. In fact it lives up to its title because every Halloween season I play this one several times because it absolutely sets the stage for falling leaves, bonfires and the intense emotions that come with my favorite season. October is quite a month.
The album opens on a mystic stage with “love you to death,” and, though the tempo of each song changes up a bit, the album never steers you off track from the feeling you started with. At times, Peter Steele’s voice, words, emotion, and the bands sublime music brings a tear to my eyes. This album is best listened to in the dark, with lighted candles, a glass of red wine, and in bed with your lover. Every time I play this, I fall into a mesmerizing state of mind.