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Pass the CAN…….man


In 1971; a West German experimental band, called CAN, released a record entitled “Tago Mago.” Think Primal Scream or David Bowie or Yes and Genesis or even Radiohead when drawing for a frame of reference that provided a major influence on those artists. It was a prototype and a blueprint for so many talented groups out there today.

This was years ahead if its time. Amazing progressive music! It's psychedelic man! It might feeling annoying to a casual listener. But it is executed quite brilliantly. I highly recommend it! But why?

There's a lot of cool stuff going on in this record. There's repetitive percussive cycles, improvisation, jam sessions, intense energy and funky beats. Atmospheres and colorful explorations that feel sharp, intense and unsettling.

It's hard to predict where this album, “Tago Mago,” is going and where it will take you. I mean there is some serious avant Garde territories it takes the listener to. You might even lose touch with reality upon hearing this one. Go for it.

After you hear it, give it a couple more listens and you'll be amazed at how accessible and fun CAN really is. Then check out some more of their stuff.

Peace outC-Note