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Mazzy Star…..Out Of The Blue (Number 13)


Her haunting voice arrives just after the organ’s hummer
The slide guitar lulls you to its peaceful rhythm
Steady but broken up drum beats
Slow burn of terrific melodies
Acoustic guitar strummed at the pace that screams of open fields
Off In the distant
I need my car so I can fill the tank up
And go for a very long drive along the lakes
Through the forests
Smiling up at the clouds
Seasons of Your Day is this brand new offering
From a band called Mazzy Star
How long has it been?
Seventeen Years?
Unbelievable friendly ghosts from the past
Make this music comfortable all over again
Like the best shower I have ever experienced
In the middle of the winter in a cabin
Deep in the woods
My feelings and emotions are strong with this recording
The voice of Hope is mystical and enchanting
Dreamy acid folk perhaps?
Pastoral country sounds mixed with late smoky rainy nights
Strumming the chords and the tablature
Are plucking on my heart strings
Romance hugs me even with the lovely harmonica notes
May I just say thank you for creating this wonderful music
It has brought me so much joy
since I first heard a hypnotic song entitled “Fade Into You”
so many years ago
Seventeen years ago I was still in college
Yesterday you entered my soul again
As if there was not this gap of time and energy
Heartbeat never skipped
I blinked and you were back
To rescue me from my misguided sleep
I think like the beautiful purple album cover
Just a perfect surprise
For the year two thousand thirteen
I cannot stop playing this record
I am simply blown away

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