Music Therapy Vol. 1


The word “HAPPY” is totally overused as a word, an emotion and state of mind that we all must grab and never let go of.

It’s ok to be sad……to grieve

that’s why there’s music

I listen to the music that validates my mood

I will not ignore my pain and sadness

We all have it

Or avoid looking at the suffering in the world

I can embrace what is happy and sad

It’s all about making good choices

Knowing how our brain works

But, truth be told, an organ (like the brain) is NOT a choice

So music for me is therapy

It brings out the love and passion for life

It awakens me from the little storm cloud that hovers over me

Music is a three dimensional experience unlike anything else

in the world we live in

It transports me into another place

that is spiritual and other-worldy

So much can be said about music and therapy

Consider this post as volume 1 (an introduction to my unofficial course of music therapy)