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#1985 #Music Husker Du…New Day Rising



Husker Du…New Day Rising…1985

Yet it was 2004 when I really “heard” it.

I still remember the first time I brought this record home (a gift from my friend Craig) and threw it on my cd player…….to this day it never gets tiresome. The more you listen to it the more of the subtle textures and sounds you pick out of the mix. I just find it mind numbing that with all the studio time and technology that with all the band’s that Husker Du has spawned and none of them has made a record that even deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as New Day Rising!


As far as who wrote the best songs? You’d have to flip a coin. Mould (Celebrated Summer, 59 Times the Pain, and I Apologize) and Hart (Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill, Books about UFO’s, and Terms of Psychic Warfare) could have each put out great albums of just their own material. But what makes this record so special is how each other’s songs compliment and contradict each other. This record should be in any serious music fans collection. If it’s not already don’t wait another day!


This album is the Huskers at their peak, their most creative point musically.

All in all, this album is simply phenomenal.


Some Punk Junk For Your Listening Pleasure!!!!

830041115What is punk? Why have a playlist about punk music? Well let me tell you. Bands from Europe and the U.S, in the late 60’s and early 70’s created this fast, edgy music. It appealed to teenagers. When you hate your job. Hate society! Drop out of school. Or you HATE your parents because they SUCK! Then punk is what this music provides solace for. They were mostly short 1-2 minute songs, stripped-down guitars and drums, and many times political jams. Punk rock was very much anti-social and rebellious in nature. So this kind of music can provide a great escape and an outlet for hostility.  When I am frustrated I listen to groups like Bad Brains, Black a Flag and Minutemen to get me through the dull and miserable times. It’s wild music man! Mosh pits and crowd surfing were born because of this style.

I put together this punk playlist because i feel it covers a nice collection of these rough and loud guitar-driven songs. Some with screaming vocals. Others contain dialogue about being sent to an institution. Remember that the 80’s became mostly hardcore music but not Heavy Metal. It took PUNK to a new level really. Metal is another story altogether. Punk is really in a “left of the dial” category. Mainstream music generally is NOT punk.  If you want to know more about a particular band. Just ask me and I will point you in the right direction. So check out the playlist and give these tracks a sample. So many bands to choose from….too many songs! These are 25 really good ones!!! Let your ears do the judging. Peace out and “Rise Above!”

1. Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones
2. Kick Out the Jams by MC5
3. Holiday In Cambodia by the Dead Kennedys
4. London Calling from The Clash
5. Search and Destroy from The Stooges
6. Anarchy in the UK presented by The Sex Pistols
7. Where Eagles Dare executed by The Misfits
8. & 9. This Ain’t No Picnic and #1 Hit Song by the Minutemen
10. Straight Edge By Minor Threat
11. & 12. Rise Above & Six Pack by Black Flag
13. & 14. Pay to Cum & At The Movies by Bad Brains
15. Suspect Device by Stiff Little Fingers
16. Punk Rock Girl The Dead Milkmen
17. Teen Age Riot Sonic Youth
18. Celebrated Summer Husker Dü
19. Institutionalized from Suicidal Tendencies
20. Hank’s Little Fingers by Guided By Voices
21. Aurora Borealis. by Meat Puppets
22. We by The Descendants
23. I Will Dare by The Replacements
24. Little Fury Things by Dinosaur Jr
25. That’s When I Reach For My Revolver by Mission of Burma