Thee Oh Sees (Number 16 on my 2013 best albums list)



Who are the THEE OH SEES? A band? really?

FLOATING COFFIN is a rather peculiar name for an album!!

But they are on my top 20 list of best albums of this year!!


I love garage music (punk in particular) and psychedelic music too! This San Francisco group delivers the goods to a really fun record. It’s “heavy” man. A friend at work reminded me how cool this band is when she told me her son is into them and caught them at a live show recently.

They are fun. I like to think of Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett (Interstellar Overdrive era) and another space rock band called Hawkwind (these guys inspired bands like Monster Magnet).

Anyway you got these space guitar feedbacks, crunching fast guitar thrashes and the lead singer guitarist, John Dwyer has such a captivating high pitch voice that it makes you wanna run through a forrest or something.

Here, give it a listen:

(oh and they’re kinda weird in a Flaming Lips sorta way….later)