Number 18 on my list…..


“Ty Segall.”
What a peculiar name.
“Sleeper” is the title of a new album
So here’s a somewhat young American musician.
He can write really cool music.
Guitarist, singer and drummer.
Ty has talent.
A California native
He has brought eight solo albums
to the musical table.
He is also a member of various side projects.

On “Sleeper,” he delivers his cult following fans something different than his usual crunching, fuzzy garage rocking sound!
He went all acoustic on this one. Psychedelic styles. Think John Lennon meets Syd Barrett in a sentimental fashion. His whole record flows in a solemn and reflective way.

I dig it
So should you
It’s nice to hear an artist unplug himself
And get all passionate in a sort of whimsical playful manner.

Give this one a listen: