40 Years of Noe

#1981 #RUSH #Moving Pictures


In 1976, Rush released the record 2112. I chose that one to represent my “birth” record.

Then in 1981, Rush makes a strong comeback with the album “Moving Pictures.”

The album shows a meld of two styles, fusing their prog rock elements with more radio-friendly rock. While prog still has its influence, the band is showcasing what’s coming up with their next releases, that being synthesizers.

Not only is this album the most appealing to a potential buyer by having a lot of hits, it has a perfect balance between the older Rush and the futuristic Rush to come.
It also helps that every member of the band is at the top of their game on this album. Geddy Lee’s distinctive bass skills skills and vocals remain sharp as ever, Alex Lifeson’s excellent guitar work holds its own, and Neil Peart is at his best at both drumming and lyrics.

Tom Sawyer and Limelight are prime examples of terrific songs on this record.

They “progressively” moved forward with these tunes. Synthesizers, more fueled drumming, amazing guitar chords and further defining that 80’s sound.

Way to go boys!


The proceeding post is from an ongoing list of albums that represent what I feel to be the forty greatest albums to be released in forty consecutive years in a row since the year I was born.

It is based on my education, obsessions and life experiences. Through friends, family and my obsessions I found inspiration. Some factors in determining these albums are:

  • I can listen to them numerous times.
  • Some of these artists have stand out performances.
  • Some are based on artist’s best albums, which fall into place with the year that they originated in.

Ultimately this ends up being the top forty albums in my humble opinion. Sometimes the artists pay tribute; other times it is just considered their peak performances. In many ways you could say that all years since 1976 are represented. But these are more than my just favorites, they are simply amazing albums and a sample of the best list I could think of that demonstrates the BIG 40 spectacular pieces of music in my lifetime, so far…