Surrealistic Lyrics For The Unwritten Song


uncontrollable urge
to de-evolve
ten years after
i wanted to change
the world
throwing cream
in a white room

keeping it healthy
with warpaint
on the west coast
it’s too true
under these hands
this screen shot
of swans
i just don’t understand
the spoons

what color is the blood
of a sunbathing animal?
a soft morning phase
don’t let it go
beneath a hundred waters
down from the rafters
time for a last call
during the midnight sun
cuz it ain’t all flowers
who’s producing you?

the circle is wide
making my head sing
pure stuff
love my body to death
lost in a reverse dream
guilty of everything i love
in a transparent world

all is clear
in my forest
throw my clothes
on the floor
and scream

so……who gets the references????

Album Reviews

FAVORITE ALBUMS OF 2013 (according to me)


Let the countdown begin. I have compiled a list of 20 records that were released this year. 2013 has been a terrific year for music that I like to listen to. That’s the key, by the way. Let me stress the point. What “I” tend to enjoy. So, for the next twenty days I will be revealing my daily picks, counting down from #20 to #1. Please fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride!

#20 on my list belongs to a band named ICEAGE. The name of their record is called YOU’RE NOTHING. Copenhagen, Denmark is where they come from. Punk Rock is their style of music. These guys are on Matador Records on their sophomore release. Abrasive and raw anger coming from a bunch of teenage rockers. High on energy and heavy on noise. A whirlwind of 2 minute hardcore songs. I have no idea what they’re saying half the time but it hits a nice raw nerve restlessly gasping for air within my being. What is Iceage’s appeal? There are some negative genre connotations associated with the whole punk, post-punk, hardcore, no wave, and so on. BUT I like them because ultimately it’s all about the raw, aggressive, and relentless energy of these four young men.

We need a release to emit our anger from stress. It’s all about escape. So this record made my list. Give it a listen!!!

Album Reviews

SAVAGES: Could This Be The Start of a New Musical Revolution?


Commanding! Groundbreaking! Amazing!

Those are just a few words to describe this post punk band (SAVAGES) from London. A female-foursome, nonetheless. I was honestly blown away the first time they blasted energetic and addictive raw hooks into my ears. I’m getting goosebumps just talking about this. Their debut album is entitled, “Silence Yourself.” The guitars, the bass, & those tight drums are all so clean, yet heavy. Pulsating machines of focused rage! Everything is amplified by their wonderful production. A new wave of post punk; a do-it-yourself revival is coming your way!!!!

In this day and age of music, it’s not easy to find an original and valid band. These girls have done it! They made an anti-pop record. There are no “anthems” involved here. I honestly do think of other garage punk groups from the late 70’s when I listen closely. Groups like Joy Division and Siouxsie & the Banshees come to mind for sure. As lead singer of Savages, Jenny Beth’s voice compliments the instruments quite lovely. Their appearance is dark and mesmerizing. All of it is riveting, poisonous, exclusive and reckless.

This album rocks hard! It really does. In fact, I will tell you this fact right now! As of July 2013, I dare say that this is my favorite record of the year. Why?

Well; first of all, they all actually know how to play their instruments each with a unique sound. Nothing is radio-friendly about them. Compared to their live shows, the album “Silence Yourself” is low-energy. Wow! That makes me afraid to buy a ticket and tremble with fear! I do not believe that these ladies are over-hyped. No. Not this time. They bring it!

The fusion of Jenny’s original sounding screams at the end of a perfect track, “She Will” with the wailing feedback makes me think to myself, “Damn that is genius.” Who does that anymore? I love the bravery and brilliant results of these tracks. At moments they can be be unsettling and dreamy. But still, my ears do the talking. They like what they hear. I find it difficult to avoid them. I keep playing them over and over and over again. Almost every day for the past two months. I am nuts over them!

British chicks RULE!!! While tons of bands have all done similar things with their music as other groups have over the years, it’s the jaw-dropping and unique way that Savages recorded the sound on this album that makes the difference. This re-creates rock and roll history, for me. If it SOUNDS great then it is great!

Give it a listen (brace yourself):