40 Years of Noe

Let’s try 3 albums today

In 2007, Radiohead released the album “In Rainbows.” It was a surprise release on the internet where you could pay any amount for. It was listener’s choice. I think I paid five bucks. I listened to it quite often. In the car, mowing the lawn and grocery shopping. It was also my first year with an MP3 player. These guys never seize to amaze me!

In 2008, my friend Heidi let me borrow a record by a band called Vampire Weekend. It was a self-titled album. This music has such a catchy, jammy, tribal and party sound to it. I was surprised how amazing this one was. I still play it a lot. Good stuff.

The Flaming Lips released an album entitled “Embryonic” in 2009. A friend once said of this release: “Finally they’re WEIRD again!” It’s complex, silly and definitely has Syd Barrett moments of atmospheric sounds. Not to mention, Karen O (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs) is heard making animal sounds. A must own!

That’s all for now. See you later!

40 Years of Noe

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This is my favorite album released in the year 2000

Welcome to the next Millennium!

Is it possible to fall in love with “Kid A”?  Maybe. It’s a love it or hate it album. But I can unconditionally recommend giving it at least one try, especially if you’re a fan of “OK Computer” or “Bends”.

Why? Because “Kid A” is Radiohead’s true masterpiece, that’s right, even more so than “OK Computer”. It takes the rule book and rips it apart in two, managing to be so many different things in so many ways that it’s almost indescribable. Thus, this “review” will really wind up being a short guide to listening to “Kid A”, to give the reader some concept of what experiencing the album feels like.

How do you listen to “Kid A”?   Since it’s not for everyone.

Expect the unexpected. As many shocked listeners discovered when “Kid A” was released, it is NOT like their first 3 albums at all!! ” It is a Radiohead album, make no mistake, but it sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before. In a good way. Do yourself a favor and leave any concept of what you might hear at the door. Form your own experience of what you hear, and allow yourself to be startled by it. It’s OK, the water’s fine. Dip your toes in for a bit.

Listen to the Entire Album. At least once. “Kid A” flows more than any previous Radiohead work – it’s supposed to be experienced as a single, cohesive whole, the only possible break being “Treefingers”, which acts as an intermission of sorts. It’s not a terribly long album – you can do it, set aside 49 minutes and do the album justice.

Finally, Give it Time….to percolate.  “Kid A” is an album that absolutely refuses to give everything up on first listen. Nothing will be obvious immediately. You’ll need to engage it actively if you want to enjoy it completely. Does music always have to be work? No, but in this case it’s well worth the trouble.

If you still don’t like, well then that’s OK too. 🙂





Playlist for COLD Days


My songs here represent the feelings I have during this crappy January weather.

Holy Cow has it been cold and really snowy!!! It is a desolate, FREEZING cold and boring month. Kids went back to school, after their long winter break. Some college students didn’t go back until MLK’s Birthday recently. Nothing else really happens unless it snows…..and it certainly has been BELOW FREEZING, snowing and blowing. Then all sorts of outdoor activities pop up. Sledding, Skiing and snowball fights to name a few.

But what about the music? No holidays really. It’s cold and we just want to be warm and comfortable. So I have comprised a list of 20 tracks about winter, the cold, snow and some random ones that just “feel” good this month. Here they are:

1 Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow [Single Version] – Frank Zappa
2 Black Night – The Dodos
3 Sweetness Follows – R.E.M.
4 Aspenglow – John Denver
5 Not Dark Yet – Bob Dylan
6 How to Disappear Completely – Radiohead
7 The Cave – Mumford and Sons
8 White Winter Hymnal 97 – Fleet Foxes
9 Winter – Tori Amos
10 Song For A Winter’s Night – Sarah McLachlan
11 Winter Ghosts – JBM
12 Hidden In Snow – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
13 Winter Time – Steve Miller Band
14 Cold Blows The Wind – Ween
15 Snow & Taxis – Gold Panda
16 Too Many Miracles – Badly Drawn Boy
17 Doughnut for a Snowman – Guided by Voices
18 White As Snow – U2
19 Snowblind – Black Sabbath
20 Steal Softly Through Snow – Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band



Album Reviews artists

Coming in 3rd place….ARCADE FIRE



Who are we?
Where are we going?
I am someone who is distracted
Aren’t we all distracted?

Attention Deficit Disorder
is a modern day problem
But when it comes to music like this
None of it matters anymore

It’s one of Indie Rock’s finest moments
with a full spectrum of music influences
Punk meets Gary Glitter

Now I admit that I just wasn’t always a fan of Arcade Fire. Not sure why. I simply wasn’t feeling the grooves before this DOUBLE album came out in October. For two months straight I have been playing this record repeatedly. So many touching songs. There are numerous dancing moments that suddenly get shattered into a million disco pieces smothered by hardcore punk and then swallowed whole by Bob Marley’s spiritual side. It can be silly at times when this Canadian group speaks of Joan of Arc in a Doo Whop style. Boy its just all over the place. It never gets boring. There are live induced moments that seem reminiscent of old radio programs at times and then it just takes off into these cosmic space directions. In a strange way I am reminded of Pink Floyd’s The wall mixed with a jazzy disco groove.

Perhaps to say that there is a U2, Radiohead, Neil Young and Velvet Underground vibe all mixed up on this record would not do it justice. Because its a double album, one could say that this is their ultimate concept album like so many others have done before. But its fun to take risks and let it all go and see what the masses have to say. After all we only have one life to live. Embrace this video below…..of the song…Afterlife. You just might get BLOWN AWAY!!!


Indie rocks more with less bubblegum


I dig a loose category of music known as Indie Rock more so these days. WHY? Because it is different. Plain and simple. I can get easily tired of all that overplayed music. So many bands sound the same now days and you don’t find that as often in Indie Rock Music.

I also have a tiny issue. I’ll introduce a song to a friend and they’re like “Man, that song sucks.” Then their main stream popular radio station plays it like a year later and they’re like “Have you heard this song, it rocks.”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with Major Label music. There’s an enormous amount of it. However, I hear a lot of cookie cutter songs all the time. Sure I can choose to not hear it. And that’s what I actually do, in fact.

Indie music is done on independent labels or aren’t even attached to one at all. A “do it yourself” mentality. Just like when someone publishes a book by themself. Rather than going through the process of hiring someone to do it for them. The grassroots process is something to be respected. To make it on your own steam is an achievment.

For people like me, i guess it’s because it offers diverse, new and interesting music for people who grow weary of hearing the same thing over and over again. It gets kind of boring to listen to the radio all the time because you hear the same old stuff. Not the case with indie.

It’s quite simple. I enjoy the lyrics, the type of singing, the beats, the melody, etc etc. All people will listen to what they enjoy.
Channel 35 XMU is one of my favorite stations on Sirius XM radio. It is essentially known as THE UNIVERSAL INDIE ROCK STATION that plays bands that I listen to more today. Bands like Arcade Fire, Broken Bells, Radiohead, Dum Dum Girls and Palma Violets. A lot of great talented bands that put their heart and soul into their work.

I like this kind of music and experiencing this categroy of sounds because they are precious gems and even hard to find their t shirts. Like a scavenger hunt discovering these talents. It’s unique. When I hear this music in the morning, I wake up! Remember back in the day when songs would wake you up? A beat kicks in, the guitars strum, the keyboards fire up, then a voice (unfamiliar) sings and then I get curious because I am now hearing something new. I like fresh sounds.

And Indie rocks more with less bublegum (plus I never liked chewing that stuff because….well everyone was doing it back when I was a kid)

I prefer to be different.

Album Reviews

Pass the CAN…….man


In 1971; a West German experimental band, called CAN, released a record entitled “Tago Mago.” Think Primal Scream or David Bowie or Yes and Genesis or even Radiohead when drawing for a frame of reference that provided a major influence on those artists. It was a prototype and a blueprint for so many talented groups out there today.

This was years ahead if its time. Amazing progressive music! It's psychedelic man! It might feeling annoying to a casual listener. But it is executed quite brilliantly. I highly recommend it! But why?

There's a lot of cool stuff going on in this record. There's repetitive percussive cycles, improvisation, jam sessions, intense energy and funky beats. Atmospheres and colorful explorations that feel sharp, intense and unsettling.

It's hard to predict where this album, “Tago Mago,” is going and where it will take you. I mean there is some serious avant Garde territories it takes the listener to. You might even lose touch with reality upon hearing this one. Go for it.

After you hear it, give it a couple more listens and you'll be amazed at how accessible and fun CAN really is. Then check out some more of their stuff.

Peace outC-Note