40 Years of Noe

#Metallica Ride The Lightning #1984


When I first heard this album on cassette tape, I was a Freshman in High School (1990). Yet this record came out in 1984. I was a little tardy to the party, you might say.  But it instantly became a favorite. I played the tape over and over again. Even when I worked on my Math homework. I thought it was incredible. Make no mistake, this is one of the greatest albums ever made, for sure. When the acoustic intro to “Fight Fire with Fire” starts out, you might think you bought the wrong album, but then the heavy guitar hits you like a ton of bricks, and before you know it, you’re thrashing around, destroying everything in sight.

The guitars are very tight, and awesome solos exploding everywhere. Cliff’s bass is very menacing (if not a bit hard to hear). Lars doesn’t stand out much, but he does a pretty decent job. There isn’t a bad moment on here, but the highlights would have to be the classic “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, the amazing ballad “Fade to Black”, and, one of the greatest thrash songs ever, “Creeping Death”. It all amounts to what is simply one of the greatest thrash metal albums ever made.

There is a great deal of argument as to which Metallica album is the best. Many seem to think that “Master of Puppets” is the best, but I am very adamant in my decision that this is their finest moment. Anyway, if you love great metal, this is one album you should definitely buy. Man, this was great metal. I wish more people did stuff like this today.


Peace Out!