Movie Soundtrack Pick of the Week

694876075So when I saw the movie Ghost World,  I just had to grab a hold of the soundtrack. Truly one of those rare cd’s you buy and never get tired of listening to it. I haven’t stopped playing it for the past few weeks. This is one soundtrack that has awakened me into a whole new world of music, considering I have listened to and know a lot about tons of music. The old blues, ragtime and jazz can be found on here. As soon as I brought this home late at night, turned on “Devil in My Woman” by Skip James, I actually got goosebumps listening to it. Amazing soulful eerie music flowed through my bones. I had never heard this before and yet it moved me like nothing else I had been introduced to in a long time. Its an incredible song. And of course, I’m now searching for more music like this. And basically the whole thing is just perfect from beginning to end. The theme song from Ghost World is a pretty nice composition. Brilliance comes in many forms. This was a nice treat for my ears and still is. As a member of the MTV generation on his quest to find music that trumps the mediocre junk out there today, this soundtrack is a breath of fresh air. It joins the ranks of one of my all-time favorite soundtracks. Watching the movie is also an interesting experience. I would go into more details regarding that but this is a music site. You’ll just have to watch it to find out more. All in all I would say…..Wonderful!