I was stabbed by a pitchfork festival


It began with a car ride
Into the city
On a warm and pleasant
Friday afternoon

Water bottles
And a backpack

Don’t leave the ticket on the dashboard
Time to go for a hike
Through the concrete jungle
Then stand in line
Before the Pitchfork gates

Is this the right line?

The music vibrates in the background
As bags are checked for cannabis
Paraphernalia and weapons
Bar codes are scanned

“That’s a really colorful looking blanket,” the old man says

Port-O-Johns are everywhere
Some serious shit is about to start!

A basketball court
Is a social one?
With vendors
Giant Twinkie Man dancing around
Long line for a free shirt
Silk screened
Cool graphic arts
Ice cream
Video games

All of this enjoyed without spending
A single dime

Guy waving a NICE big flag
Handing out granola bars
Saving the wallet from depletion

A couch made out of green grass
They’re giving away sweat bands and bandannas
Free codes to download
Local tunes

If you want to drink beer
Buy tickets
Get a bracelet

Big pretzel
Sitting on a pool
Of Wisconsin beer cheese
Johnny Appleseed
Made some hard cider

Hipsters with beards
Gothic girls in black
Tight leather pants (in the humidity)
Wild colorful hair
Tattoos galore!

A young man reciting poetry
At a tent
Extremely long line
To fill up your empty bottle
With some pure water

It’s a festival for three days
Positive vibes are promoted
Comfortable atmosphere
Many fun experiences
There are maps
Helping everyone figure out
Where to go
Or get lost at a record show
With over a dozen vendors
Selling their wax covered goodies

Three stages
Over forty artists and acts
Tons of music

There are unique and rare finds
Its for the music lovers
Getting exposed to some really cool stuff

Who is this band?

Neneh Cherry…did you know she’s related to Eagle Eye? She’s only played in the U.S. one other time? That’s crazy! She played her nostalgic tune “Buffalo Stance” from the late 80’s in a very modern rhythmic way. But she also promoted her first album in 18 years that is really funky, smooth, jazzy, soulful and kind of trip-hop. By the way…I met her and got her autograph. It was cool.

Sharon Van Etten…her music is gloomy especially for this summer fest. But you know what? Who cares! She was awesome!! I totally dig her albums! ARE WE THERE and TRAMP where worth showcasing? She has a pretty voice and plays the guitar rather well. AWESOME!

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks…weird music side project of the band Animal Collective!

Circulatory System…really heady music and psychedelic stuff in a Beatles dipped in an acid bath sorta way. But good.

Beck…hushed melancholy of new and then jacked up energy of his wacky old hits! (it worked!) I’m a loser Beck so why don’t you THRILL me?

Cloud Nothings…I dig thier stuff, just a little boring for me….live anyway.

tUnE-yArDs….nothing like I ever heard before! British girl named Merrill Garbus. When she’s performing her art live, Garbus creates trippy drum loops on the spot, and combines these with the ukuleleas well as vocals, in addition to electric bass. But its really tribal sounding. Like Jamaican or African sounding but also really poppy!

Hundred Waters….similar to Sigur Ros but more feminine and its like dream pop and relaxing.

Factory Floor….definitley sounds really acid housey and some audience members decided to participate in the fun! Check out this clip:

Giorgio Moroder….he’s a living Italian legend. Godfather of EDM and synth disco! He mixed up some cool Donna Summers and Daft Punk tunes! The crowd went wild for him!

BUT NOW…..THE ONE….THE ONLY……ST. VINCENT!!!! Holy crap is she freaking awesome!!! Annie Clark is the best guitar player I have heard in more than a decade. She is such an actress on stage freaking out acting like a robot princess and then collapses on stage, drops her guitar, gets pissed off and then gets happy when a new guitar is presented to her. Lots of smoke, colors and thrashing on those fuzzy wuzzy guitars that she mechanically plays with such a rocking smooth attitude! She invents brand new sounds that most guitar noises don’t make. Best live show I have seen. Pink Floyd at soldier field 20 years ago is the only other show that was as good as this. And she only played for an hour. She’s a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. On stage she just had 2 other people: a drummer and co-guitarist/synth player to back up her wild and crazy show! My words cannot possibly do her justice. She WAS the reason I went to the Pitchfork Music Festival. Loved it!



Then I fell apart from my brain exploding
And then I shattered mentally
A night drive home with Syd Barrett tunes to comfort me
To sleep off the intense buzz
with memories of blissfulness
In my head……

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Summer is Almost Over


Things are starting to wind down. We are slowly preparing for school. Parents say goodbye to their college students. Cool temperatures start to take over as the heat drifts away. Final hoorays and last minute barbeques get squeezed in. Between now and Labor Day is our last chance to party it up and call August summer still.

We reflect on a wonderful season that we’re halfway through; knowing that despite the summer lasting through most of September, we can’t help but face the reality of returning back to “regular time.” We can feel the harvest moon just around the corner.

When I was in Boy iScouts, I went to Camp Napowan in Wisconsin. It always felt like the “big event,” with campfires, canoeing and watching meteor showers up on a hill after a night hike. In many ways, I view it as the best month to camp in. Lots of fires and roasting marshmallows too! Plus baseball season starts to get exciting as we get close to the playoffs!

I put together a nice mix of music to listen to in August, to celebrate the memories of summer. The songs on this playlist are reflective and hopeful as well.

Anyway, it evokes a nice mood and helps us prepare for what is around the corner. Enjoy the soundtrack to our August this year:

1. Summer’s Almost Gone by The Doors
2. The Boys of Summer by Don Henley
3. Where Have All The Good Times Gone by The Kinks
4. Summer Nights by Olivia Newton-John
5. Night Moves by Bob Seger
6. Nightswimming by R.E.M.
7. White Sandy Beach of Hawaii by IZ
8. Summertime Blues (written by Eddie Cochran) but performed by The Who
9. Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House
10. Time Stand Still by Rush
11. Sleep Walk by Santo & Johnny
12. Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty
13. Yesterdays by Guns N’ Roses


Our Soundtrack to the Hot Days of Summer

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We’re in the middle of the summer, almost approaching the dog days. It’s hot and sticky out there. July is an eventful month. At least this year it is for me. First my wife and I took our nieces to Michigan to hang out at my dad’s cottage by the lake. We are also training for a Sprint Triathlon! Denielle (my wife) has a birthday coming up too! But there’s BBQ’s, summer blockbuster films, pool parties and MUSIC to celebrate all of these events…..and more!

A playlist for the month of July was put together by the two of us. It expresses the feelings of summer; volleyball, the beach, more road trips, swimming, the heat, the parties, surfing and just whatever feels good during these dog days. There is ice cream to keep cool, or times you wash your car on the driveway, just hanging out at the drive-in movies or walking downtown and listening to street musicians. Even buying a balloon from a clown at a county fair while you wait in line for a roller coaster is a good time. It’s the music that we all sing and tap our feet to. I’ll list the songs with these little explanations as to why and how they fit into your 2013 July Playlist. Enjoy!

1. California Gurls…..Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dog

Guilty Pleasure!!! Not gonna lie. I LOVE her music!!!! It’s an awesome song about the summer!

2. Get Lucky….Daft Punk

So far this is shaping up to be THE SONG of the summer of 2013….it’s just really catchy

3. California Sun….The Rivieras

I know it’s from the 1960’s but I always think of the film Good Morning Vietnam because it’s on the soundtrack and feels good on the ears cruising in my car

4. Playing With The Boys….Kenny Loggins

My wife likes this one because they play it during the “volley ball scene” in the film Top Gun. A bunch of cute guys in the sand, I guess. Still I don’t mind the tune.

5. Pipeline….The Chantays

I love the guitar work on this one. A surfing classic!

6. Baltimora…..Tarzan Boy

Ooooooh Ahhhh Ooooooh chantings of Tarzan! Total 80’s track. Not sure why it’s

on here but it seems to fit the group.

7. Brown Eyed Girl…..Van Morrison

Denny’s birthday is coming up. She likes Van Morrison and has brown eyes so why not???

8. Summertime….DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince


9. In the Summertime….Mungo Jerry

I love this song! Sounds good anytime. In the car, at the pool, having a drink, at a party, anywhere.

10. Surfin’ USA….The Beach Boys

You gotta have the Beach Boys on the list. And this is a perfect example of why.

11. Tequila….The Champs

Makes me wanna dance on the bar like Pee Wee Herman. Ha ha ha

12. Summer Girls….LFO

Never heard this before but now I think of Abercrombie & Finch and pretty girls.

13. Surf City….Jan & Dean

DO I have to explain this one?

14. Wipe Out….The Surfaris


15. Good Day Sunshine….The Beatles

Makes me smile and nothing can go wrong when the Beatles are on

16. Leader of the Pack….The Shangri-La’s

This one’s kind of a wild card. I like the song a lot. It deals with greasers and pink lady type of relationships and car accidents and I guess it’s not really a summer song but it does seem to blend well.

17. Brighter Than The Sun….Colbie Caillat

Just a feel good sunny song

18. Summer of 69….Bryan Adams

Kind of an anthem, if you ask me

19. Great Balls of Fire….Jerry Lee Lewis

It’s energetic and keeps the pace going

20. Surfin’ Bird….The Trashmen

This one is really hyper and definitely can induce laughter. Plus it’s definitely a California surfing tune

21. Soak Up The Sun….Sheryl Crow

Should be obvious….hot days

22. Green Onions….Booker T & The MG’s

Perfect background music to any situation really

23. Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Weeny, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini….Brian Hyland

How can you not throw this one on here? Duh??

24. California Girls….The Beach Boys

We finish where we start, sort of. Same title, original version but not the same lyrics but still sends the same message. Those girls from California got it going on!

So there you have it! Enjoy your summer! Feel free to add suggestions that I am sure I missed.

Peace out….C-Note

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