Surrealistic Lyrics For The Unwritten Song


uncontrollable urge
to de-evolve
ten years after
i wanted to change
the world
throwing cream
in a white room

keeping it healthy
with warpaint
on the west coast
it’s too true
under these hands
this screen shot
of swans
i just don’t understand
the spoons

what color is the blood
of a sunbathing animal?
a soft morning phase
don’t let it go
beneath a hundred waters
down from the rafters
time for a last call
during the midnight sun
cuz it ain’t all flowers
who’s producing you?

the circle is wide
making my head sing
pure stuff
love my body to death
lost in a reverse dream
guilty of everything i love
in a transparent world

all is clear
in my forest
throw my clothes
on the floor
and scream

so……who gets the references????


Who’s To Say?

Ok. I need to get this off of my chest. Today’s music does NOT suck! Every generation has their highs and lows. The inevitable “good, bad and ugly.” It happens decade after decade. But honestly, what is a “real musician?”  They come in many forms. Singers, songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, etc. You cannot claim that today’s music sucks, because that’s not true. Like every other decade over the years, there is most definitely CRAP. But there are also some really fantastic artists, albums, songs, inspiration, catchy hooks and memorable moments. 

What I am trying to address here is the following 4 points:

1) What is a real musician?

2) What is a “writing team?”

3) Is there something WRONG with Katy Perry or Imagine Dragons?

4) Is today’s music ONLY catchy and NOT inspiring?


1) So…what is a REAL  musician? Well that can be tricky…but not really. According to various sources; such as the Oxford Dictionary and the MacMillan Dictionary:

“A musician (or instrumentalist) is a person who is talented in making music or performing music creatively, or one who composes, conducts, or performs music (particularly instrumental music).

“Musicians can specialize in any musical style, and some musicians play in a variety of different styles. Examples of a musician’s possible skills include performing, conducting, singing, composing, arranging and the orchestration of music.”


Lady Gaga is someone whom I am not a fan of. I respect her music. I don’t have to like her but she DID learn how to sing and play piano as well as many other instruments and she puts her music together. 

Nicki Minaj: she’s a singer/rapper, which she normally describes herself as, not a musician. She’s also an artist. NOT a musician.

Kanye West: Rapper, artist, can he play an instrument? He often samples other people’s music but then writes his own additions to it.

Taylor Swift is in fact a Musician (not one that I care about much) but she is something of a teenage heartthrob and only writes about relationships. but DEFINITELY a musician.

The Beatles… Duh? I should just bitch slap you if you say otherwise!


I agree that Neil Young, Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan are all MUSICIANS (REAL ONES TOO)


2) The writing team = I believe this can be applied to over 90% of the songs out there (yesterday and today). You don’t have to write your own songs to be good. Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Glen Campbell didn’t write their own songs. Collaborations aren’t new to the recording industry. Producers like Quincy Jones, George Martin and Rick Rubin are what make good music GREAT! Low Fi recordings are good and so are Hi Fi recordings. It is a matter of preference. Do you want your song all polished and pretty? Or do you want it to sound raw and stripped down?

Actors in films read and follow scripts and unfortunately, as viewers, we can easily be tricked into thinking that those beautiful words they utter are their well-acted lines of passion. But isn’t that what makes them great actors? To be able to pass something off as their own in a convincing way.

Even awesome singer-songwriters like Carole King collaborated with other writers to make such great songs.

3) Is there something WRONG with Katy Perry or Imagine Dragons? FIRST of all, you are either a FAN of artists/musicians like these two OR you just simply don’t like their music or care period. No one is forcing you to EVER listen to someone or something that you don’t really want to. That being said, I personally am extremely fond of these MUSICIANS who do in fact ACTUALLY WRITE their music. 

Katy Perry, is a singer, songwriter, and actress. She can play the guitar and piano as well. Katy puts a ton of work into her recordings and her live shows. Here is something she recently said about her latest record: She told Billboard, “I know exactly the record I want to make next. I know the artwork, the coloring and the tone….. I even know what type of tour I’m doing next. I’ll be very pleased if the vision I have in my head becomes a reality.” 

Perry also revealed that she is simply a “singer-songwriter masquerading as a pop star” and stands by the fact that honest songwriting is very important to her. She has also stated that “I feel like my secret magic trick that separates me from a lot of my peers is the bravery to be vulnerable and truthful and honest. I think you become more relatable when you’re vulnerable.”

On the surface, she appears be this bubble gum and infectious pop star.  Beneath the surface there is an ocean of mixed emotions, a collection of hidden motives with lyrics deeply complicated enough to fill a dylanesque folk record. Her stuff is truly inspiring if you ACTUALLY LISTEN TO WHAT SHE IS SAYING! 

As for Imagine Dragons, they too write all of their music. In fact lead singer-songwriter, Dan Reynolds, tends to write too many songs that can’t all be used on their albums. As a collective band, they all play drums. They have also admitted to being perfectionists when creating their INSPIRED songs for all ages out there. Much talent lies within this band. Its so incredible how spiritually addictive their music sounds can be. Alternative music in the past couple of years never sounded so “potent” like these guys do.

 I am constantly reminded of their songs profound meanings. To know what it is like to be human and have real pain and emotions that we tend to bury, hide and ignore. We all make mistakes. We all deserve a second chance. But we all must learn to forgive ourselves. We cannot let the sins and the black coins of our life fill up the jar of our minds and soul or else there will be no more room for love.

4) Is today’s music ONLY catchy and NOT inspiring?

NOPE NOT TRUE! There are a lot of bands nowadays that I really enjoy. Plenty of bands I do not like either. But it was the same in the 90’s and the 80’s etc… NOT exclusive to today’s music at all. If I wasn’t “inspired” by “today’s” music then I wouldn’t even have this blog and I wouldn’t be trying to expose today’s music to my friends and family. It’s not just a bunch of glamorous sell out trash thats being played on the radio and bombarding your tv commercials. There’s A LOT of talent out there! You should check out St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) who is an amazing singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. A female who pops weird stuff out like David Byrne and Wayne Coyne like you wouldn’t believe. You just have to do your homework, dig a little deeper, open your mind and get your facts straight before making false claims and assumptions. 🙂


peace out….C-Note (obsessed music fan)



How I award my music…..and trash the shows


I have lost interest in Award Shows. It’s trash. Yet, Movies are a thrilling form of entertainment. Driving to the theatre and gazing at characters going through adventures on a giant wall to wall screen is really cool. I absolutely love music in pretty much all forms. The music courses I took in high school and college were highly influential in my appreciation for quite a number of genres. Attending rock concerts, attending a theatrical musical, standing around at a small club and rooting for your favorite band to just lift you up emotionally are all amazing things that I reap awesome benefits from. But; when it comes to awards programs like The Grammy’s; it’s all about sensationalism and sex!!! It’s just a circus show! Besides, the music I listen to, for the most part, is never truly represented at these award shows. A trophy does not really indicate greatness. Great Speeches are cut off too. How annoying! Tons of artists are crammed on stage together in this bizarre amalgamation trip! Yikes! It’s just not all that great! They have lost sight on the artist’s struggles. No behind the scenes efforts or stories involved. The Grammy’s only point out the “Main stream” artists….the “showy….look at me” ones. Politics get involved. Tributes are weird and are glossed over loosely. Lou Reed…ahem!

I like to read about up coming musicians from various sources. NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast, Pitchfork’s music site, Rolling Stone Magazine, random obscure blog sites ( such as this one) and attending concerts that feature curious opening acts are some of the places Where I gain this musical knowledge. Word of mouth is a key factor as well. I soak up musical trivia like a sponge. When I grew up in the 1980’s, I watched MTV videos and focused on game shows like Remote Control and Rock & Roll Jeopardy hosted by Jeff Probst! In December, I listed my top 20 favorite albums of 2013. Daft Punk actually won the Grammy for best album. It was number 7 on my list. They certainly did entertain and it was a cool thing! But that translates to basically 5% of what I listen to being represented at a show like this. But even so, the award show is all about marketing, advertising and (s)exploitation.

Why do I watch the show? To catch a live performance and see who wins. But it gets boring seeing the same old thing every year. It’s getting redundant. I like Katy Perry. I am going to see a concert of hers at the end of the summer. I am glad she performed at the awards show. It was neat. She was nominated for a few awards but she didn’t win. But that’s okay. Maybe I just needed to get this off my chest. Awards do not validate the quality of music that I enjoy listening to. The circus show of politics should not be mixed together with music. It seems out of place. I am proud that I have opened up my mind over the years and I discover all sorts of hidden musical gems. Maybe that’s why most of my friends have no idea what I am talking about, half the time.

My ears do the listening. If I like what I hear, I explore it further. iTunes and Amazon are good, in the sense that they have SMART software that gages your interests by suggesting artists that you might like and what others like that are similar to a recent purchase. I was hoping this post would sound better and more credible without feeling redundant. The POINT is…..award shows like The Grammy’s do not satisfy me. Too many categories get confusing. Not all of them are televised. Most of them aren’t actually. Lots of groups meshing on stage…it just annoys me so much! Why was Chicago Transit Authority there playing with Robin Thicke? I don’t get it. Nothing but fancy dresses and only the poppy, catchy songs get awards. Award shows are an abomination of the music industry, in my opinion. No respect for the artists. It’s like they only focus on the Billboard charts top 40 and draw the names from a hat or something.

I’m not saying that what I listen to makes me cool like I am a rebel or something. I feel that the Grammys don’t belong in my life anymore. I no longer care who wins. I will just keep collecting music in all forms and just appreciate what my friends and I listen to. I will go to record stores, attend live music shows, talk about music and most importantly just enjoy the ride! I will take out the trash and award my music by talking about what I listen to and buying them on record. To own and appreciate much hard work and talent spinning around a turntable to become dazzled by the wonderful sounds is reward enough.


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VAMPIRE WEEKEND is my number TEN this year


These New Yorkers are incredible.I am reminded of The Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon and tribal drums whenever I hear these talented fellows. I love their third album entitled MODERN VAMPIRES OF THE CITY and I gotta say lyrically, organ jams and the guitar playing abilities are stellar here. This record got several FIVE STAR reviews from major rock critics. It’s definitely their best offering, in my opinion.

They really can get a crowd going with their dancing melodies. At their live shows (which I attended at Lollapalooza this past summer) everyone dances in place and sings along to tunes like “Cousins,” “Horchata,” and ‘Holiday.” I start really grooving every time I listen to this new album. They are more grown up sounding. It’s more deep and poetic than previous offerings. A little bit of rockabilly gets thrown into the mix as well. I love it! Baby baby bay……