40 Years of Noe

2010-2012 were very good years!



In 2010, I started listening to more podcasts. NPR’s All Songs Considered was my favorite. In the Spring that year they played a song called “Everlasting Light” by The Black Keys. It was so catchy that we had that song playing at our Wedding later that year. The whole album, “Brothers” is pretty amazing. Just like 2010 was amazing! Wedding bells, college courses and brain surgery took place that year but The Black Keys got me through it all.


In 2011, I went through a depression period. I had a relapse from my surgery and had a grand mal seizure, suffered post par-tam depression after the wedding and dropped out of college. We moved to a new apartment as well. But PJ Harvey’s record, “Let England Shake” was my cd of choice. I played it all the time. It was such an addictive sound. I wish she appeared more on my list of favorite albums. But this one definitely was worthy of the list.


In 2012, I began a new journey of my life. I started running again. My favorite record of the year 2012 was by a band called Japandroids. I don’t care what anyone says about this but it friggin rules! 2 guys only. A drummer and a guitarist. They just kill it! Drinking anthems mixed with the Husker Du type of melodies and patterns. The album begins and ends with the sound of fireworks. I listened to them when I would go for a jog in the morning, while training for 5k’s and triathlons. It makes me feel alive. It’s a garage band that sounds BIG and proof that 2 twenty something guys from Canada can perform shock therapy on your mood!


That’s all for now!!!