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When I Broke Through The Wall…#pinkfloyd #rogerwaters #thewall

Does this one need my review? Seriously?

I mean, it’s Pink Floyd The Wall.


Well during the winter of 79 there was a terrible blizzard here in Chicago, Illinois.

Meanwhile, that same year, we experienced another blizzard. A blizzard of music in rock opera format.

I first bought this album on vinyl back when I was in college. But ever since I was in fifth grade I listened to it on the radio and my cassette tape player. I could recite the entire work straight through from memory. Pink Floyd has been a part of my soul since I was a kid. That and the Beatles White Album.

Released in 1979, it was the beginning of the end for Floyd. Keyboardist Rick Wright left the band during the recording of it. The rift between Dave and Roger widened until Roger finally left the band a few years later.

The band never rose to such great heights like this again. But there were quite a lot of high notes on this one. It was the most defining record for me to be released in 1979.

The Wall is a classic 70’s space rock album based on the bands grueling touring experiences mixed with stories involving Roger Waters WWII dad who was killed in battle and the invasive government.

A strong message enhanced by timeless music make this album a must-have for any Classic Rock collectors library. The album’s film has Bob Geldof playing Pink. Later, Roger Waters played this album live in Berlin in 1990 when the Berlin wall came down and had tons of artists join him during many of the songs. The legacy goes on and on……

Incredible stuff here!

The proceeding post is from an ongoing list of albums that represent what I feel to be the forty greatest albums to be released in forty consecutive years in a row since the year I was born.

It is based on my education, obsessions and life experiences. Through friends, family and my obsessions I found inspiration. Some factors in determining these albums are:

  • I can listen to them numerous times.
  • Some of these artists have stand out performances.
  • Some are based on artist’s best albums, which fall into place with the year that they originated in.

Ultimately this ends up being the top forty albums in my humble opinion. Sometimes the artists pay tribute; other times it is just considered their peak performances. In many ways you could say that all years since 1976 are represented. But these are more than my just favorites, they are simply amazing albums and a sample of the best list I could think of that demonstrates the BIG 40 spectacular pieces of music in my lifetime, so far…